Breaking The Wheel

Need Help With Your Production Or Processes?

Are You Struggling With The Project Management Aspects of Game Development?

One of the hardest aspect of game development is managing a project over the long term. Or even the short term. Okay, management in general is just kinda tricky.

Whether it’s the in’s and out’s of task tracking, prioritization, or forecasting development over time, management can often seem like a necessary evil when compared to the more creatively rewarding aspects of game dev.

Fortunately for you, I have some sort of strange neurosis where I find project management fun in and of itself, and I can help you with your game.

Indie or publisher, crowd-funded or publisher backed, I can find a way to help within your budget.

Video Game Production Consulting Services:

  • Agile software development coaching
  • Development process coaching
  • Forecasting development over time
  • Production diagnostic review
  • Task tracking software support

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