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Breaking The Wheel’s mission is to improve the quality of life for game developers. To that end, the site is intended as a compilation of best practices and forward-thinking ideas.

So, The Question Is: What Are You Trying To Do?

I’m Trying To Manage Development

Game Planning With Science!

This multi-part series digs into the science of long term project management. It digs into topics like operations science, statistics, and management psychology. The link above will take you to the table of contents, or you can just jump to the first post here.

Anxiety and Stress Management for Game Developers

Making games is a tough gig, and it takes a toll on the old nerves. This post is a collection of my favorite tools for stress relief. Use them to manage your own emotions or to help team members who are feeling the strain.

Strategic Design, Or: Why Dark Souls is the IKEA of Games

What? A design post? Under the project management column? Indeed! Effective project management means knowing what not to do. And if you know what game you’re trying to make, and for whom you’re trying to make it, it becomes much easier to make cuts that have the largest benefit.

I’m Trying To Market My Game

Video Game Marketing

This multi-part series dissects the various activities that fall under the term “marketing”. It starts with an overview of what marketing is (spoiler alert: it isn’t just ads), then moves from high-level topics like strategy onto tactical exercises like end user interviews. The link above will take you to the table of contents, or can dive into the first post  here.

Strategic Design, Or: Why Dark Souls is the IKEA of Games

Marketing is, by its nature, a strategic art. You need to account for the openings in the market, the size of your target segment, and your own production costs to optimize your chances of success. And it helps to have a framework for doing so.

Five Forces Analysis Has Grim Tidings for Free-to-Play on Mobile

Another great framework for understanding your odds of success is the “five forces analysis”. This post describes how to apply and analyze the framework using mobile F2P games as an example.

I’m Trying To Start A Game Studio

Strong Fences Make The Best Neighbors: Conversations for Co-Founders

Many game developers start studios not because they want to run businesses but because they want creative control. But that doesn’t mean you can ignore the contractual realities of the business venture you’re launching. So do your future self a favor and have the tough conversations now.

Real World Contract Law

This post was written by my friend Tom Ketola, a veteran of both game development and the start-up world. He delves deep into the dynamics of equity and how to use contracts to protect yourself from unscrupulous investors.

Anxiety and Stress Management for Game Developers

Being an entrepreneur in any industry is tough. You’re going to feel the impact on your mental health. This post compiles my favorite tools for managing my stress levels

If You Want to Lead, Know Your Values

Externally hosted content I wrote this post for my friends at Black Shell Media. Your personal and company values matter. Not just from a moral or cultural perspective, but from an operational one as well. So know them and live them.

A Practical Guide to Negotiations for GameDevs

Externally Hosted Content I wrote this two part series for my friends at Indie Game Watch. If you’re going to run a company, you’re going to need to negotiate. Part 1 establishes the fundamentals of negotiations while Part 2 provides a simple, 4-part script for running a successful negotiation.